Shiri Music Therapy

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Shiri     Music    Therapy

My name is Nejama Anne Ferstman, and I am a Music Therapist practicing in the Greater Victoria area. I am delighted that you have found this music therapy site and hope that what is presented here gives you the information you are seeking and inspires you to want to know even more about this fascinating profession and its many benefits.

Musical Skill + Compassion + Science/Research/Psychology + Intuition = The Vocation of Music Therapy.

My Hero

The nightingale, the prima donna of songbirds, demonstrates in her everyday existence a natural grace and fragility. Resonating with life’s energy, she offers up her song. The listener may be enraptured by the music she makes or rendered defenseless in the presence of such perfection. Every one of my clients is a hero in the making, just like the nightingale.

nightingale siri music therapy victoria bc

Shiri (pronounced ‘shee – ree’) is of Hebraic origin meaning ‘my song‘.  I believe everyone has a song to sing, or has something in life that is their hearts delight. When they share it, create it, or engage with it they make the world a better place.