Jon and Rebecca ( Kaleb’s parents )

Kaleb has shown an early aptitude for music. His sessions with Nejama not only broaden his love for the subject but also introduce a level of learning that he keeps as easily as the music he remembers. His increase of focus in school and outside of the class has grown quite quickly; He is more dedicated and attentive in everything he does.

Kaleb’s self expression in creating his own music or imaginary play grows more with every music therapy session. Kaleb is more patient with his play; Taking turns and moving on to new games or new subjects in school is much easier than before. The anticipation and love for his music sessions is clearly apparent in our little boy. We could not see Kaleb without his music sessions. His progress in the love of music and Nejama’s teaching only make our little boy grow in expression and sense of self worth. His sessions are not only a welcome part of his routine but a truly valued asset in helping Kaleb grow both emotionally and physically.

Thank you.

Jon and Rebecca ( Kaleb's parents )