Lena Abramov

We love Thursday! We call it “Nejama’s Day”. Every Thursday we look forward to seeing Nejama’s smile. We all know it will be fun! Nejama is much more than a wonderful teacher, she is also a great person: caring, patient, sensitive, respectful, responsible. She is professional, experienced and creative. Her activities are scheduled very carefully according to a chosen theme with plenty of opportunity for self expression within the musical experience.

Here are some examples to illustrate this: When we make an orchestra everybody gets a musical instrument to play. We exchange instruments so everyone has a chance to play all of them; When we have a marching band everyone gets a turn to lead; After we listen to a piece of classical music every child can share with the rest what he imagined while listening; When Nejama teaches the children a new song, she plays and sings it first before she sings it with the children. Then they all dance or do an activity with the song as a part of it. At the next session and the next she repeats that song/activity so that song memory and action become entwined. We even get to play Nejama’s guitar at the end of each session.

Nejama’s activities demonstrate structure with flexibility, and a schedule with attention to everybody’s needs. She has the ability to create an amazing atmosphere in the class. She makes everyone feel very special. We love you, Nejama!

Lena AbramovOwner/OperatorShalom Daycare Centre Inc.Victoria, BC